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Why Geno Smith Remains Frontrunner in Seahawks’ QB Competition

    Why Geno Smith Remains Frontrunner in Seahawks' QB Competition

    That seems to be Pete Carroll’s philosophy as he chooses Russell Wilson’s replacement as the most accomplished quarterback in franchise history for the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson, of course, now works for the Broncos following the sensational offseason trade that sent him to Denver.

    As of right now, Geno Smith, the incumbent quarterback for Seattle, continues to lead Drew Lock in the quarterback competition. But Lock was unable to start the preseason game on Thursday against the Chicago Bears, so that’s mostly by accident. Lock tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday after participating in a full practise with the starters for the first time this training camp. He must stay at home for the upcoming few days.

    After the team’s loss against Chicago by a score of 27–11, Carroll commented, “It’s regrettable he didn’t get to play tonight. “Tonight, we had a different strategy, but we were unable to put it into action. There was nothing we could do about it. I’m still interested in how he interacts with us.”

    The quarterback is still “very unwell,” continued Carroll, who expressed optimism that Lock will be able to participate in Seattle’s last preseason game in Dallas the following week.

    Smith made his second preseason start this week, and it wasn’t nice, in part because of penalties and a few drops. Overall, Seattle’s attack was generally ineffectual with the West Virginia product at the helm. The Bears led 17-0 at the half and easily won.

    Smith participated throughout the entirety of the first half, going 10-of-18 for 112 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. After injuring his right knee, Smith was unable to play in the second half, but Carroll indicated he should be fine. Smith has played in two preseason games without completing a touchdown pass.

    After the game, Smith told reporters, “Obviously, there’s a lot of space for growth, and there are a lot of things we have to work on very quickly.”

    In Seattle’s first preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, both quarterbacks had their moments. At the conclusion of a two-minute drill at the end of the first half, Smith led a terrific touchdown drive while going 10-of-15 for 101 yards and scored from two yards out.

    In the second half, Lock completed 11 of 15 passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns. On the final drive, he fumbled and was sacked because he didn’t consider the pressure on the edge. The Seahawks lost 32-25 as a result of the turnover, which set up the Steelers’ winning score.

    The contest revealed both players’ flaws: Lock’s propensity for turnovers and Smith’s limits in coming up with huge plays. One of the reasons Smith is still the No. 1 quarterback among those is that Carroll seems ready to exchange ball security for a dearth of spectacular plays.

    When a reporter questioned Carroll about which quarterback is now leading the competition, he responded, “I don’t even have to say that. “Geno remains our top performer. At this moment, he is maintaining his position.”

    Smith has earned the chance to open the season as the Seahawks’ quarterback, according to FOX Sports draught expert Rob Rang, who closely follows the team. But depending on how the Hawks fare in the win department, things might alter throughout the year.

    Rang stated, “I think Geno Smith will get the job, but I still think Drew Lock is the better quarterback.” “The crucial mistake that resulted in the sack [in Pittsburgh], which resulted in the loss of the ball and the game, is the same kind of thing that we’ve seeing with Drew Lock in Denver.

    “The accuracy, though, is just a night and day difference. Drew Lock is a better passer overall. Pete Carroll, though, prioritises team safety over all else. The squad suffers turnovers.”

    The Seahawks’ season opener, which they host at Lumen Field against Wilson’s Broncos, is three weeks away. Although it would be fantastic to have Lock start the game against his former team, the Seahawks do not even currently know if he will be healthy enough to train the following week.

    Building momentum for the start of the regular season and preparing your frontline players to play are the main goals of training camp. It is therefore instructive to take into account that Smith reportedly took nearly all of the reps during practise with the starting lineup.

    For the Seahawks, this year has always been about 2023, when they will have two first-round picks and the chance to select the next franchise quarterback from a group that includes Bryce Young of Alabama and C.J. Stroud of Ohio State.

    Smith has been in this system for three years, according to Carroll, and he is aware of Seattle’s formula for success: run the ball, don’t turn the ball over, play solid defence, and make the big plays late in the game.

    It’s simpler to game plan with Geno because you know what you’re going to get, according to Rang. “You can better prepare yourself for what your opponent might do if you can predict what the final score will be.

    “Geno Smith’s experience can serve as a small measure of security for Pete Carroll.”

    even if on Thursday it didn’t seem that way.

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