Zodiac Signs Who Are Marriage Material, Ranked From Most To Least

Cancers are highly emotional, romantic, and bond easily. They enjoy being in a couple, they're loyal, and if you're lucky enough to marry one, you'll have a long life together, in love.

1. Cancer

Capricorns are traditional, often traditional, and family-oriented. They are devoted and trustworthy, and even if they work hard at their jobs, they will make time for their special someone.

2. Capricorn

Hold on for the ride if you manage to catch an Aries' attention. They are passionate, impulsive, and loving, making them one of the zodiac signs that are good for marriage and a good catch. While impulsive at times, Aries does not rush into a decision like marriage, so you can trust their feelings for you.

3. Aries

To be sure, Pisces are lovers. They have a tendency to become lost in their thoughts and daydreams, but they are most likely planning romantic gestures to shower you with. They aren't particularly aggressive, so it may take some time before you notice signs of their affection, but you can rely on the truth behind them.

4. Pisces

Taureans are exclusive and indulgent creatures who are fiercely loyal. If you arouse a Taurus sufficiently to get their energy flowing, they will form a romantic, loving, and long-lasting bond.

5. Taurus

Geminis are thoughtful and intelligent, but they struggle to make decisions. You're in for a treat if you can win the Gemini's heart. They are dynamic creatures who will always consider your thoughts and feelings.

6. Gemini

Scorpios are introspective and drawn to life's mysteries. To keep their attention, it takes a well-rounded and ever-changing individual. If you can entice them, they will make a great life partner; however, their interest will fade quickly.

7. Scorpio

Sagittarius is typically a sign of independence and freedom; it may not be easy to settle a Sag down. However, they are wildly entertaining and make adventurous, spontaneous partners.

8. Sagittarius

Libras enjoy being surrounded by beauty and make wonderful, visually indulgent partners. They will create a lovely atmosphere that everyone will admire. They value balance and justice, making them excellent diplomatic partners.

9. Libra

Virgos are fiercely independent and extremely hardworking. They don't get into relationships quickly or impulsively, but if you're patient, you might be able to secure one. If you do, you will find solace in their compassion and support.

10. Virgo

Leos are the life of the party, but they typically want attention for themselves. It takes a pretty outstanding personality to capture the short-lived attention of the Leo. If you've managed to steal Leo's heart, you'll be forever entertained in matrimony.

11. Leo

Aquarians are the Zodiac's social butterflies; they are inventive and innovative. They are usually preoccupied with projects and creations, leaving little time for romance. They make wonderful partners, but they don't mind being alone, so they're not as likely to settle.

12. Aquarius

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