Zodiac Signs That Are Terrible At Relationships (And Why)

There is no denying the universal pain experienced when a relationship with someone you love ends, regardless of the differences in a relationship with each zodiac sign.

You believed your relationship would last forever and had such high expectations for it. Even your zodiac compatibility and horoscope predicted that you would remain together.

Although your relationship ended before it really got started, you still have every right to feel the way you do. Just as you would with the end of any kind of relationship, you can be saddened, angry, and in mourning over an almost-relationship.


You never gave it the consideration and care that a relationship deserves. Your partner was never a part of your plans, you pretended to be surprised when he got in touch with you even though you fully expected him to disappear, and you never seemed to be interested in maintaining a committed relationship.


To make sure that a potential partner has been thoroughly screened, you have a very complex set of tests and trials. The issue is that you spend so much time trying to determine whether someone is suitable for a relationship that they eventually lose patience .


You kept your options open with your partner because you didn't want to experience "buyer's remorse." You didn't want to be committed if a better opportunity presented itself. What if you were in a relationship when you found the one? You dislike it when people behave emotionally erratically.


He was honest when he said he wasn't interested in a relationship, but you had faith that he would change his mind after spending time with you and getting to know you. Though he didn't.


You made a sound and healthy decision to end things because you were too busy and insufficient to waste time on almosts. You understand that you are the total package and that settling for less harms no one.


You two weren't interacting well because you were in different stages of life. It's best that you went your separate ways for the time being; perhaps you'll cross paths again in the future and things will be more in harmony.


You two weren't being yourself because you were both trying so hard to avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. You weren't being open or vulnerable, so it was impossible for you two to be in a relationship.


At the beginning of the relationship, things became very intense quickly, but they also quickly died down. But other than a strong attraction, you didn't really have anything in common. Simply put, there wasn't enough to start a relationship with, and once you were both satisfied.


Your almost-relationship quickly began to feel suffocating to you. You value your independence and desire the freedom to carry out your own plans without being constrained by others. You departed as soon as reality set in.


You had no time at all to see him. To do anything other than send the occasional text, you were far too busy. You convinced yourself that he would have made an effort if he had wanted to pursue a relationship with you.


You and I didn't do much alone time together. With your friends, you went on group dates, but you never wanted to do things as a couple. Because you wanted to appear disinterested and as if you didn't care that much about him, you wouldn't even hold his hand in front of others.


You may not have been aware of it, but you behaved as if he could read your mind. Without ever telling him, you assumed that he would understand how you were feeling and what you wanted.

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