So, You’re No Longer Attracted To Your Partner. Now What?

Every couple is unique: The loss of attraction is purely physical for some individuals. Perhaps your partner is in a sweatpants-all-day mode, and you simply aren't experiencing the same spark.

Parenthood can make it feel more difficult to find an attractive partner. Stress and lack of sleep are detrimental to health. New responsibilities and busier schedules have emerged

In the beginning stages of a relationship, it is simple to feel attracted to your partner. Each day is a chance to learn more and more about them, as everything is new and exciting

Does the relationship feel distant emotionally? Just...boring? These questions aren't easy. However, if you do not answer them truthfully, you will be forced to navigate this rocky terrain without a map

1. Figure Out The “Why”

When attraction disappears, it may be tempting to blame your partner or the relationship, but it's important to consider how you've contributed to the issue. "If we want to get our relationship mojo back, we must examine the underlying issues to determine whether the problem is in the relationship or within ourselves," says Basl.

2. Take Initiative

Doing your part to restore attraction may be sufficient, but sometimes a conversation is necessary. This could be a delicate discussion. In order to avoid unnecessarily hurting your partner, Philips advises you to clarify your specific concern before speaking up.

3. (Carefully) Address the Issue

Your action plan should ultimately depend on the cause; for instance, if you're discouraged by physical changes, you may decide to work out together and cook healthy meals, or you may schedule weekly date nights to keep your relationship fresh.

4. Make a Plan

If nothing else seems to work, or if you simply want an expert's opinion, a couples therapist can help you identify the underlying causes of your lack of attraction, communicate them without harming your relationship, and brainstorm ways to rekindle it.

5. Consider Outside Help

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