Why people see ghosts, explained ?

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Paranormal beliefs

According to the results of a recent survey, 75% of Americans hold at least one paranormal belief.


Over sixty percent of those polled in an October 2018 survey conducted by Grupon reported having seen a ghost.

Power of suggestion

Some people are certain they see ghosts simply because they expect to. They'll be more open to the paranormal if they're led to believe they're in a haunted house.

Power of suggestion

In 1997, 22 people were placed in a spooky theatre. Half the people thought the place was haunted, and the other half thought it was under construction.

Brain problem

A physician researching a woman's epileptic seizures found that applying current to a section of her brain made her feel like someone was copying her.

The God Helmet

The "Koren Helmet" provides magnetic signals to the brain. Built to research religious and mystical experiences, it triggers paranormal ones.


Stress causes women to report paranormal experiences, says a research. Possession and extrasensory perception caused traumatic stress.

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