Which Zodiac Signs Are Mostly Single Because They Choose To Be?

Whoever is familiar with the Gemini personality will recognise that this sign does not always fare well in long-term relationships. This does not imply that they lack a desire for intimacy; rather, they find casual and uncomplicated relationships easier to manage. 

1) Gemini

Sagittarius is unafraid of commitment, but will only do so if they believe they have found "The One." This zodiac sign enjoys a carefree existence when they are single, so they are wary of new partners who are overly interested or possessive.

2) Sagittarius

Aquarius is unquestionably the most independent sign of the zodiac, and they are quite content doing their own thing. While they are among the most compassionate and caring individuals, they also require periods of solitude in which they can develop their ideas and thoughts. 

3) Aquarius

The Pisces personality differs from those of the other zodiac signs because these individuals require care and attention to feel valued. They are more than willing to demonstrate affection and commitment, but they are easily overwhelmed.

4) Pisces

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Pisces, Virgo struggles due to their tendency to be overly critical of others as opposed to themselves. When Virgos meet a partner, they have a picture of the ideal relationship in mind, and it goes without saying that life as a couple is fraught with difficulties.

5) Virgo

Taurus is the most change-averse sign. When their grounded, earth-sign energy meets something out of the ordinary, their anxieties can compel them to second-guess themselves.

5 Taurus

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