Which Type Of Animal Lover Are You, By Zodiac Sign

Aries, you are bold and ambitious which means you are more likely to gravitate toward pets with a sidekick attitude.Dogs are great companions for people who are adventurous because they love spending as much with their owners as possible.


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Cancer, you are more intuitive and capable of reading people than any other zodiac sign. Dogs are compatible with your zodiac sign because, unlike cats, they have difficulty communicating with their owners and require more attention. This trait also enables you to empathise with and form a bond with your dogs, as they can read your emotions.


 dog lover

Sagittarius, you are is always high energy and fun-loving, which makes you the best dog owner out of all other zodiac signs.


 dog lover

Libra, you are similar to Leos in your social behaviour and desire for admiration. You are unique because, rather than seeking attention, you seek love. Due to their attachment to their owners, a dog helps to fill this void.


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You place a great deal of emphasis on discipline, and the ability to train your dog to perform tricks or do what you want on command appeals to you. Dogs are ideal for you because they can be trained to behave in accordance with your requirements.


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Pisces, underneath your hard exterior, is an extremely pensive introvert. Cats have similar qualities due to their sense of independence.


 cat lover

You would enjoy having a dog, Scorpio, due to their extreme need for love and admiration. This however is not true. You, Scorpio, are known for being people-pleasers who prefer to earn love rather than have it bestowed upon them. This makes you more suitable for cats, as cats become more susceptible to you the more 


 cat lover

You, Taurus, are relaxed and calm, which makes you more likely to identify as cat lovers. Cats are similar in that they require little care and have their own 


 cat lover

Aries, few are as charming as you. Due to your sweet personality, your words flow and people want to listen. You can move a mountain today!


 cat lover

Your obsession with order and cleanliness makes you enjoy exercising control, Virgo. Cats may be more compatible with you because they are more predictable and less boisterous than dogs.


 cat lover

You, Aquarius, are independent and unlike any other zodiac sign.You are opposed to any and all rules imposed by others, which gives you a strong intellectual curiosity. Cats may be more compatible with you than dogs because, in general, cats are more intelligent than dogs and can relate to their owners more effectively.


 cat lover

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