When To Get Married According To Your Zodiac Sign

You're engaged – congratulations! You probably know by now that the first question everyone asks after you tell them you're getting married is, "Have you set a date yet?" So, once you've had some time to enjoy having an engagement ring and being a fiancé or fiancée, it's time to start thinking about when and where you might like to say "I do."

Some couples know right away that they want to get married in a certain season or month because of the weather and the mood they want, but other couples don't have a strong preference, and it can be hard for them to choose a date. If you believe in astrology, there's a perfect time for everyone to get married based on when they were born.

Each sign of the zodiac is thought to have its very own personality and certain traits as well as strengths and weaknesses, all of which can play a part in the sort of wedding and marriage you will have. Astrologers believe that brides and grooms will like certain things depending on their wedding zodiac sign and may plan their wedding in a certain way or style too. 

Venus rules this earth sign, which is shown by a fierce but calm bull. When it comes to getting married, love and romance are often at the top of the list. Winter is romantic for Taureans because of the cosy candlelight and getting together with friends and family in a warm, close-knit space. This is why a wedding date between late October and early March is best.

Taurus (20 Sep to 20 Dec)

People born under this cardinal water sign like to spend time with their closest friends and family, so a cosy winter wedding with lots of special guests is perfect. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and people with this zodiac sign tend to be real homebodies. They will likely want to look for a venue close to home. Cancerians are likely to choose classic and romantic details for their weddings, too.

Cancer (20 Sep to 20 Dec)

This water sign is pretty flexible, so a Scorpio could do well in any season. But winter is a good time for such a special event because Scorpions are known for their undying love, passion, and loyalty, and they like to keep people guessing. A winter wedding that is a little less traditional will fit your personality. 

Scorpio (20 Sep to 20 Dec)

People born under the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, tend to be ambitious, competitive, passionate, full of energy, and born leaders. But how does this change your wedding? Well, an Aries bride or groom will want to be in charge of everything about their wedding, and they will make decisions on the spot.

Aries (20 Sep to 20 Dec)

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