Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from October 2 to October 8

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Change is possible at work. Work with intuition and inventiveness. Work flexible. You'll have financial security and spend on family. Don't prioritise money over happiness.


Consider marriage or engagement. You're a loving parent, friend, and partner. Your efforts will be rewarded with material luxuries. Today's investments will pay off.


You may feel emotionally exposed and left out despite the support and availability of others. Bone and muscular concerns are expected. Do not overdo it. 


Life will be secure, stable, and abundant. You can start something new that brings quick money. You may make money and grow your business. There's also a windfall. 


Personal life is wonderful, but professional issues will arise. Partner and family will support you. This week, your kids may have good news. You may be unhappy with your job or performance. 


This week, you'll be happy and spontaneous. Follow your passion to succeed. A new romance may start, or an old one may rekindle. This week is work-free. Advance your initiatives. 


Work and business signify new collaborations and projects. Now is the moment to act on plans. You can choose between your current employment and a new one.


Invest time in a long-term goal. Expect slow results. Follow your instincts when making a decision. Your partner and you may keep some things separate. Don't overthink and provide room. 


Your relationship will be warm. Open up to your lover. Relationships require optimism. Work and commercial relationships require prudence. 


This week's advice: be patient. Love and work may disappoint. Your connection may feel negative or confining. You may feel degraded or disregarded and fear your partner's opinion.