Unique DOGS Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Even though the meanings of well-known names don't always ring true, we couldn't resist including a few special picks in this list:


The name Francis has a long-standing association with freedom despite its questionable etymology, which is another good reason to think about it for your puppy's name.


Apart from its biblical connotations, this name is ideal for pets who enjoy following their humans wherever they go.


This name derives from the same Hebrew word that means "happy" or "blessing"—the ideal way to represent the joy your puppy will bring into your home! Furthermore, you can abbreviate it to "Ash" if the puppy's fur colour is helpful.


With its “park keeper” meaning, this name will tie your puppy with long strolls in the park even more!


You're probably thinking about the powerful Hudson river right now, don't you? But every name has some sort of significance, and this one is particularly unique. The name "Hugh," which is related to the words "mind, spirit, and intellect," means "son of Hud," making it the ideal choice for a canine with intelligence.


There is no better example of purity and nobility than the one brought by Apollo, the god of the Sun. 

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