Ugly Side Effects of Taking Melatonin Before Bed

Including natural or organic substances like melatonin. Before you go into bed, check sure your nightly routine isn't harming your health.

1. It can cause short-term side effects

Melatonin, like most medications, has a long list of potential side effects on the back of the bottle. Talk about unpleasant side effects—your body may suffer as a result.

2. It can cause vivid dreams or nightmares

Melatonin may improve your ability to sleep, but an unfortunate side effect for some people is that their sleep is tainted by unwanted visuals. 

3. It can interfere with certain medications

It's important to always review your medications before you add something new to the mix. If you have any serious health conditions, taking melatonin may not be a good option to begin with.

4. It can lower your energy levels and mood

Daily mental health challenges are difficult enough. "People with mood disorders like depression may report worsening depression and/or anxiety."

5. It heavily affects the elderly

Out of all users, "elderly people may be more sensitive to melatonin and more likely to develop side effects, most especially drowsiness and lethargy," according to Adimoolam. 

6. Too much can keep you awake.

Melatonin can cause insomnia. Too much melatonin might lead to "increased alertness," which is the reverse of what you want after a long day.

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