Top 5 Places To Meet A Man Who's Marriage Material

If you have you're not alone. By far, the most common questions I get from single women are these two.

you probably wouldn't catch it by throwing your fishing line into the Gulf of Mexico. I'm not saying you won't catch a fish; chances are you will. Just that it won't be the fish you want to catch.

Here are the top 5 places to meet men who are marriage material:

Online dating is everywhere, whether you like it or not. There are many bottom feeders in online dating, but if you learn their habits, you can avoid them.

1. Online dating 

Working together allows people to get to know each other and establish a foundational friendship before entering into a relationship.

2. Work

Men who attend workshops and seminars indicate that they are open to learning and admitting they don't have all the answers.

3. Seminars and workshops

A man who has a desire to give back and help others is a man who will know how to value and appreciate a woman.

4. Volunteering 

Your friends may all be in relationships or married, but they may know or work with someone who knows a special guy who is looking for a woman just like you.

5. Friends and colleagues

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