This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Kisser, According to an Astrologer

A passionate kiss is one of the few things that can keep the sparks alive in a relationship. While any zodiac sign can be your long-term match, it's important to understand how each one likes to smooch. Some people just do it naturally, while others prefer to be more reserved. Astrology can teach you a lot about romance, from how to flirt to learning more about your love language.

Nobody beats a Capricorn when it comes to experience. Their natural swagger and confidence in the boardroom can be intimidating, but it translates well to their kissing ability. Capricorns, while not as promiscuous as other signs, know how to use their kisses to communicate commitment. They can also make their partner feel safe with just a single peck on the lips. Capricorn kisses may have you hearing wedding bells.


Look no further than Geminis if you want something more spontaneous in your make-outs. These social butterflies are known for their linguistic abilities and gift of gab, so it's safe to assume they know how to use their mouths. Geminis enjoy making new friends wherever they go, which indicates that they've picked up a few tips along the way. 


If you're looking for that Notebook-style, Noah and Allie type of love, a Scorpio is the sign for you. These mysterious water signs prefer to let others come to them rather than making the first move. Under the surface of every Scorpio, however, is a possessive, primal energy.


Sagittarius, the perfect combination of cool, calm, and collected, knows how to adapt their flirting style to win people over. Sagittarius' carefree attitude makes them some of the best kissers in the zodiac. Sagittarius, unlike other signs that are concerned with moving too quickly or appearing to come on too strong, prefers to live in the present.


It's no surprise that Venus-ruled Taurus is regarded as one of the zodiac's best kissers. They lack the outward swagger that other signs have, but what they lack in showmanship they make up for in sensuality. Taurus is known for their slow and steady relationship pace, so you may have to wait a little longer before the big moment. Romantic and sensual Taurus knows how to set the mood once you've piqued their interest. 


Pisces, the most romantic zodiac sign, is dreamy and romantic, making them excellent kissers. Their mutable water energy assists them in tuning into their partners' unsaid desires and dreams. As a result, they are very intuitive partners, both emotionally and physically. Pisces enjoy all forms of physical contact in their relationships.


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