This Money Tree Can Help Manifest Wealth and Prosperity

1) Monstera Deliciosa

These stunning plants, also known as "split-leaf philodendrons," are known for their large, heart-shaped leaves and can help you tap into the marriage and relationships area of your space. 

2) Money Tree Plant

The money tree's moniker comes from feng shui, which encourages the assumption that it would provide positive energy and good luck.

3) Philodendron Green

With quick-growing vines and low-maintenance care, the classic philodendron plant makes a well-suited feng shui plant for channeling love. 

4) Pothos

Pothos plants are great air purifiers for kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. Long vines make them ideal interior hanging plants.

5) Jade Plant

Jade plants with circular leaves are considered lucky in feng shui. Jade plants thrive in sun and require little irrigation . 

6) Calathea Plant

Thanks to their colorful, detailed striped leaves, these potted plants sit pretty on any windowsill and bring vibrance to your space. 

7) Lucky Bamboo Plant

Encourage personal growth and positive energy with this quick-growing lucky bamboo plant. Its gathered stalks can reach heights of about 16 inches, while ones potted in pebbles nurture root growth.

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