The Theme Song of Your Life, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, it's no secret that you're a competitive and ambitious individual. But what most people don't realise is that you're not competing with other people; you're competing with yourself.

Aries: "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion

Taurus can be difficult to trust, but once you do, you're one of the most loyal and dependable zodiac signs. You're very generous with your money, time, and attention. The only thing you ask in return is to be recognised.

Taurus: "No Scrubs" by TLC

Flighty, flaky, and untrustworthy are just a few of the stereotypes associated with Geminis. While it is true that you change your mind frequently, this is not due to a lack of commitment. In fact, you're one of the most devoted people I've ever met. "Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and friendship means more to them than anything else," confirms Stardust. "With the right team behind them, Gemini can conquer the world."

Gemini: "Wannabe" by Spice Girls

Being a Cancer means you are known as the emotional and sensitive member of your friend or family group. Nobody understands how to help others in their time of need like you. However, because of your nurturing nature, you may neglect self-love.

Cancer: "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars

All eyes are on you, Leo, no matter where you go or what you do. Maybe it's your warm and welcoming personality, or maybe it's the fact that you're not afraid to put yourself out there, but your larger-than-life personality is unmistakable.

Leo: "Big Energy" by Latto

It's difficult to find someone more sensible and logical than this earth sign. Your keen sense of observation means you notice problems before others, and you aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in when the situation calls for it.

Virgo: "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo

Libras are frequently labelled as indecisive. Despite popular belief that you are a people-pleaser who never knows what they want, you are actually quite opinionated. And because you've established a reputation as a team player, when you put your foot down, things are more likely to go your way.

Libra: "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys

You are fearless and adventurous, and you live in the present. As a fire sign, you don't mind letting your personality shine through and would rather be open to new experiences than have a five-year plan. Some might call it reckless, but you see your adaptability as a strength.

Sagittarius: "Soak Up The Sun" by Sheryl Crow

Capricorns know how to work hard. There's a lot you want to accomplish in life, and even though you know you have the skills, you're worried you won't have enough time. This also implies that you have difficulty saying no to things, which can lead to burnout if you are not careful.

Capricorn: "Motivation" by Normani

Aquarians are extremely intelligent, eccentric, and creative. You enjoy going against the grain and have a naturally unique perspective on life. "There's no better song to describe the absolute boss energy that every Aquarius embodies as the rebel of the zodiac.

Aquarius: "Unique" by Beyoncé

Pisces, you have a natural connection to all things creative because you are spiritual, mystical, and intuitive. Your ability to think big and tap into your fantastical side gives you a distinct advantage in pursuing your goals. Your imagination, on the other hand, can get the best of you; you're very sensitive and tend to withdraw when you need some alone time.

Pisces: "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac

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