The Most Insecure Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

We use "insecure" to make ourselves feel better. When a coworker doesn't invite us to happy hour, we can say they're insecure and threatened by us.

We may pardon an unpleasant relative's standoffishness during Thanksgiving if they're insecure in groups. check their horoscope.

We asked astrologers how the stars affect confidence. Discover the six most insecure zodiac signs, from those who second-guess themselves to those plagued by self-doubt.

The duality of Geminis means they can be highly confident or deeply insecure according to their mood. When they don't 'feel' a situation or are simply out of their comfort zone

6 Gemini

Taurus is the most change-averse sign. When their grounded, earth-sign energy meets something out of the ordinary, their anxieties can compel them to second-guess themselves.

5 Taurus

This sensitive water indication certainly didn't surprise you. They don't feel insecure like other signs,. "Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and escapism, uses their imagination to protect themselves. 

4 Pisces

Libra's indecisiveness rivals Gemini's. They want to please everyone and loathe ruffling feathers, so they "can't define themselves apart from others. "They want peace, harmony, love, and justice, but they fear jeopardising them.

3 Libra

Kirsten considers Virgos "the worriers of the zodiac," which implies insecurity. "Perfectionists fear criticism, yet in the pursuit of perfection, they're often their own harshest critic

2 Virgo

They're ultra-nurturing and always prepared to provide a shoulder to weep on. They care more about others' sentiments than their own.

1 Cancer

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