The Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Someone loves you, Aries, and you might not even realise it.As Venus got ready to leave Scorpio and move into Sagittarius this week, you might find out a secret. Keep your ears open, because the truth could be coming out in your love life.


Isn't love wonderful? You might think you know someone well, but then something small might happen that changes everything. Now is when your relationship will get a small test of how strong it is. Taurus, you can pass, but you'll have to decide if you can let go of some old habits in order to grow.


There's still work to do, but you're in a good place to get it done. Good relationships don't just happen by chance. You have to be honest about what's going on and think about what's best for both of you. Today, you and your partner may talk about work. Don't think that climbing the mountain is impossible. Think of it as a chance to show more love.


Sometimes, romance strikes when you least expect it. You might not realise how easy it is to fall in love with someone.Today, cupid's bow and arrow could hit you without you doing anything, and you could meet the person of your dreams.


Family issues become more important. You might learn something new and interesting about how your parents met and fell in love. Today can make your heart hurt in ways you never thought possible.


Some things just can't wait, Virgo. When you've been keeping a thought or feeling to yourself, letting it out is such a relief. You might be wondering why it took you so long to get up the nerve to say what you thought. Once you do that, it will never again want to hold back.


Libra, it's time to do some early shopping. It's so much fun to give a gift that makes someone you care about happy. You can start now and avoid all the problems that come with last-minute deliveries by getting things ready early.


There are times in life when you have to make a choice, and you can't put it off any longer, even if it's hard. Today, you know what you want when it comes to love. Now, you have to decide that you're going to do it no matter what.


If you're not careful, Sagittarius, the same things can happen over and over again. It's a good idea to pay attention to patterns in your love life so that you can recognise them when you see them in other people.


A good friend might be going through a terrible breakup and need someone to cry on. You might not understand everything they're going through, but just knowing you're there to help is enough.


Your job has asked a lot of you, and maybe your love life has suffered because of it. It's time to set some clear limits. Start by leaving your work stress at the door when you get home.


When you least expect it, faith often comes through. You might have thought a relationship was over for good, but then the other person comes back and wants to give it another shot. Taking a leap of faith isn't easy, but if that's what your heart wants, you can decide to do it.


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