The Goofiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

We all know someone who would be called "class clown" in the school yearbook. They have a good sense of humour, love to make other people laugh, and just want to have fun. Have you ever thought about where silliness comes from? It's likely connected to astrology in some way. Read on to find out which zodiac sign is the silliest, from a little bit silly to could be a comedian.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, marches to the beat of their own drum. They're a little out there and their humor might not always make sense to everyone else, but it's part of what makes them so fun and unique. "Aries is goofy because they simply don't care about making a fool of themselves. "They aren't worried about what other people think of them." They like to be the center of attention and they don't care if that means playing the buffoon. 

6 Aries

Libras are all about balance and positivity, so while they can be occasionally serious, it doesn't come as a surprise that they embrace their silly side, too. These air signs are always looking to make other people happy, and the often act ridiculously goofy doing so!

5 Libra

Virgos tend to look more serious and critical than other signs, but that's only because they want the best for the people around them. But when they do act silly, it's usually through sarcasm or dark humour. Mercury is their ruling planet, so these people know how to talk to each other and can tell when they need to act silly. 

4 Virgo

Leos love being in the spotlight, and they don't care what they do to get there. They could be great stand-up comics if they put their minds to it and took it seriously. When this fire sign feels helpless, they act like a fool. They may do silly things like yell or throw a fit to make sure they stay in control.

3 Leo

Geminis are known to go with the flow and not take life too seriously because they are an air sign. These people love to pull pranks, and they are happy to use their sense of humour to make a situation feel better. Geminis can't sit still and put a lot of thought into one thing at a time because they don't have the mental capacity to do so. Their scattered energy makes them look silly in a lot of situations.

2 Gemini

Aquarius are often seen as odd, and they like to stand out and do things differently just because they can. These air signs aren't necessarily trying to entertain others, but it seems that way because they have a natural talent for being part of a group.

1 Aquarius

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