The Color You Should Paint Your Living Room, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Geminis are social, spontaneous, and full of energy. You are always pushing yourself to try new things and see more of the world, while other people are stuck in their ways. You aren't afraid to change your mind (or change it again! ), and little things don't bother you.

Gemini: Yellow

For you, Cancer, there's no place like home. You spend most of your time taking care of the emotional needs of other people, so you need time alone more than anyone else. And you'd rather just chill out on the couch.

Cancer: Blush Pink

Leos are known for having big hearts and a lot of positive energy that other people want to catch. People listen to everything you say because of how you carry yourself and get their attention. You're doing your own thing and don't care who's looking (actually, the bigger the audience, the better).

Leo: Purple

Virgos aren't known for being flashy, and you prefer to stay out of the way. You are careful and practical, and you have great self-control. You like to make decisions based on careful thought, not on impulse. And when it comes to design, you care less about style and more about getting the most for your money.

Virgo: Beige

Libra is known as the fair and balanced mediator of the zodiac, but as the sign ruled by beautiful Venus, it's just as important for you to always look your best, and that includes your home.

Libra: Gold

You're a passionate person, Scorpio. Even though you seem calm on the outside, you are often very moved by your feelings. It can sometimes feel like no one really gets you. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, which are the two most powerful planets in astrology.

Scorpio: Black

People with this sign don't usually stay in one place for very long. People think that your only goal is to travel the world, but if you really like a place or a person, you won't hesitate to put down roots. And when you do, it's important to feel 

Sagittarius: Orange

You are a disciplined person with a strong work ethic and a critical mind. This gives you the ability to see the bigger picture of any choice you have to make. This makes you a natural leader, but it also makes you more careful about what you do. But that's okay with you. You don't let other people's criticisms or opinions change the way you live your life.

Capricorn: Charcoal Gray

You look at the world in a way that no one else does, and people admire your ability to think outside the box. But you have a sensitive side that not many people get to see. As the zodiac's water bearer and the most caring sign, you feel the weight of unfairness more than anyone else (even if you don't show it).

Aquarius: Lavender

Pisces are sweet and emotional, so how you dress and decorate your home are important ways for you to show who you are. You trust your gut more than popular opinion or common sense, so it doesn't bother you if the paint colour you choose "goes out of style" in a few years. Your creative side is happy to take on a new home improvement project.

Pisces: Teal

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