The best pet for you based on your zodiac sign

Aries - Ferret

You'll need a pet that can keep up with your energy level as an active Aries. Like a ferret, you probably have trouble staying still.

Taureans are known for being at the other end of the energy spectrum—so relaxed, they're almost horizontal! However, they also enjoy some affection, so a cuddly, low-maintenance hamster is a good choice.

Taurus - Hamster

Gemini - Parrot

The parrot is a natural ally of talkative Geminis in the animal world. An African Gray or other bird can keep a Gemini company all day.

Cancers can occasionally be a little spiky, but they also enjoy being nurtured. A rescued hedgehog in need of some tender care might make the ideal Cancer friend.

Cancer - Hedgehog

Libra - Rabbit

In addition to enjoying the beauty around them, balanced Libras enjoy both giving and receiving love. A cuddly, adorable rabbit might make the best pet.

Lovably loud Leos don't like to fade into the background, and nor do chickens! A pet chicken can match even the most attention-seeking Leo for creating a lot of cluck and fuss.

Leo - Chicken

Aquarians have a quirky streak, as well as a love of thinking space. As a somewhat unusual pet that won't badger you for attention, a lizard fits the bill nicely.

Aquarius - Lizard

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