The Best Home Color Palettes for Each Zodiac Sign

You are not one to follow the conventional wisdom. You are drawn to colours that are not only different from the norm, but also inspire you. Colors that make a statement without working too hard appeal to you because your creativity knows no bounds and you're not afraid to try something new. Turquoise is a colour you gravitate toward because it demonstrates individuality and an unconventional attitude.

Aquarius : Elevated Primary Colors

You're a romantic at heart, but you're not drawn to traditional pink or rose hues. You prefer soft colours that make you feel liberated and connected to the world around you. Nobody would be surprised if you were drawn to sea foam green or lavender. Lighter shades of green are associated with healing and new beginnings. Lavender, on the other hand, often exudes sensitivity and vulnerability.

Pisces : Soft and Daydreamy

Red is a powerful colour that is frequently associated with you. You are energising and passionate, and you require a colour palette that reflects this. Colors do not have to be bright, but they must draw the eye. Going for a subdued yellow and orange makes sense, given their ability to reflect the mind's and body's excitement and energetic action.

Aries Big and Bold

Though you are frequently associated with earthy tones, you actually remind people of floral gardens and brighter colours. Because you have a playful nature, light shades of pink and pastel green remind you of flowers blooming and natural beauty. Green tones evoke growth and a love of home and family, whereas pink exudes love, romance, and beauty. Adding pops of aquamarine and turquoise adds a luxurious feel, and finishing with a light brown provides a foundation for all the dreamy tones.

Taurus Playful and Bright

For good reason, Geminis are mostly associated with the colour yellow. Your bright and sunny personality brightens any room you enter, so it stands to reason that you would incorporate that concept into any space you enter. Yellows not only represent happiness and optimism, but they also aid in concentration and confidence. It also thrives on mental challenges and fascinating ideas.

Gemini Lots of Contrast

Cancer, you have a soothing and comforting aura around you. You want others to feel at ease when they visit you, and you work hard to create that atmosphere in your home. Given your desire to bring lightness into the lives of those you care about, it's no surprise that you gravitate toward lighter, cooler tones. A light blue accented with silver hints creates a dreamy and comforting atmosphere in your home.

Cancer Gentle and Cool

When you walk into a room, you don't have to try to make a statement, but your personality does. You command attention without trying; many people admire your confidence in yourself and your decisions. When it comes to your home, you want it to be the best representation of you that it can be. Your eye is often drawn to bright colours, even if they don't scream to be noticed.

Leo Striking and Statement-Like

You are well-known for getting right to the point. You're not interested in using flashy colours or concepts just for the sake of it. You are a grounded person who does your best to create a space where you can escape the world. You find yourself gravitating toward earthy tones like forest green or dark brown to remind yourself that even in the midst of chaos, there can be a sense of calm.

Virgo Grounded and Earthy

Libra, you're not afraid to embrace your idealistic side. You have an energy that promotes harmony and unity while also aspiring to be posh and sophisticated. If you have a say, lavender with touches of creme and blush pink will most likely pervade your home. Lavender represents both the love of beautiful things and the expression of sensitivity. Pink exudes empathy and romance, and it uplifts the spirit. 

Libra Warm and Sophisticated

Everyone knows you're passionate, Scorpio. You may find yourself gravitating toward darker colours, but you don't have to cover the entire room in black to express yourself. You like to make the decisions, but you don't need to be flashy to do so. It's no surprise that you're drawn to maroon and crimson tones, both of which are known to exude a commanding presence without being overbearing. You're also drawn to colours that highlight your sensual and mysterious side.

Scorpio  : Dark and Moody

Sagittarius, you enjoy being out in the world. You may feel confined within four walls on a regular basis, but that doesn't stop you from attempting to bring the rest of the world in. Navy blues and darker greens seem to be calling your name, which is not surprising given that they are among the most striking colours in the world. Green is a colour associated with growth and self-reliance, both of which you clearly exemplify.

Sagittarius  Inspiring and Intelligent

Capricorn, you are not a boring person by any means, despite popular belief. You like to keep things simple, and you prefer working with colours that can easily be combined with others without much thought. Neutral colours convey a calm demeanour while also implying conservatism in your emotions and decisions. You prefer to keep to yourself and avoid getting involved in dramatic situations. As a result, neutral colours like white, grey, black, brown, ivory, or beige frequently represent you well.

Capricorn Simple and Minimalistic

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