The Best Dog Breed for Each Zodiac Sign

You, Pisces, are full of surprises, and so is this pointy-eared pooch. He packs a big personality into such a small package, and, like you, his ability to read and adapt to emotions, as well as make sure everyone around him is always smiling, is unrivalled by any other breed.


 French Bulldog

Courageous, determined, and fierce: You're often regarded as the zodiac sign with the most strength, and the same can be said for this watchful, obedient, and intelligent breed. We are confident that you will get along like two peas in a pod.


German Shephard

You're probably looking for a strong and energetic puppy to match your active lifestyle, and what better breed than the husky, which descended from Arctic sled dogs? They, like you, are resilient under pressure while also being extremely compassionate and caring (except when it comes to chewing on the pillows, of course).


 Siberian Husky

You'll need a breed that can keep up with you, Gemini. These hunting dogs are not only quick (and enjoy a good game of fetch), but they are also extremely intelligent and communicative. You'll be able to read each other's minds in no time.



Courageous Cancer: Your ideal companion, like you, is creative and spontaneous. There's no better match than a Chihuahua, who is known for his eccentricity and fearlessness. When all you need is a little love, this little pooch will be your best friend and snuggle buddy (read: all the time).



You're a joy to be around, Leo, just like this dog-shaped ray of sunshine. A golden retriever is devoted, energetic, and perpetually cheerful—three qualities you value above all others.

 6. LEO

 Golden Retriever

You're not looking for just any ol' playmate, being the most intelligent sign in the zodiac. These Japanese hunting dogs are well-known for their independence and cunning.


Shiba Inu

You value balance in all things, and this breed is both playful and serious. Whether you're up for a game of chase or just want to cuddle on the couch, the loving Aussie will be there for you.


Australian Shepherd

Labs, like you, place a premium on loyalty. These friendly animals are known to form lifelong friendships with their owners. And, while you may not like to show your emotions, this breed is sensitive to even the most subtle mood swings and will surprise you with a gracious face lick when you need it the most.


Labrador Retriever

Are you looking for a companion for your next adventure? Like your restlessness for the next move, the beagle always has its nose to the ground looking for an interesting scent. You'll never run out of things to do, from cross-country road trips to sniffing out the best new patches of grass around town. Keep him close: if you get lost, he'll take the lead.



The Chow Chow, pensive and dignified, is often regarded as aloof. But that's no problem for you, Capricorn, because you're not a fan of wearing your heart on your sleeve in the first place. Your circle of trust is small, but once you get to know this proud dog, you'll want to add another.


Chow Chow

Boredom isn't in your vocabulary, so you'll need this spirited little dog by your side. The terrier, with its playful and outgoing personality, requires an owner who is always up for a game of tug-of-war, just as you require a four-legged friend who brings all the excitement. Win-win.


West Highland Terrier

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