The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On November 4, 2022

Why does it always seem to happen this way, with the Moon in Aries AND sextile Pluto at the same time? This can't be good, you know. It 'could' be, but there's a slim chance of it happening.

5 Taurus

And why is that? When you have an Aries Moon, you already have aggression and anger, and when you add Pluto to the mix, you get vengeance, trickery, subversion, and deception. 

5 Taurus

This is the kind of day where you find yourself saying, "Not cool, bro," several times throughout the day.

5 Taurus

The Aries Moon can cause incredible movement on its own; we're active, in pursuit, and fearless. Everything is fine until Pluto appears in an all-black clown suit.

5 Taurus

We thought we were done with Halloween, but on November 4, 2022, it will feel like someone is pulling a serious prank on us.

5 Taurus

So, we might want to accomplish something big today, but there's that little devil on our shoulders telling us that no matter what we do, we'll fail miserably. Oh, Pluto, come on. Really?

5 Taurus

Sharks just as soon as you felt comfortable getting back into the water! You'll be lucky if you manage to locate a secure location where you can gather your bearings because it's a regular Sharknado out there right now. This is not meant to be taken literally, but rather as a metaphor to warn you that today won't be simple.

1. Gemini

Your plans for today might not go as planned because several competing celestial bodies are working against your plans today. But the fact that you didn't ask for much is what makes today so difficult for you. Simply put, all you wanted was to complete your task and move on with your life.

2. Cancer

Think twice, my Scorpio friend, if you thought you could get away with today's crazy antics just because you resonate with Pluto energy. Today is the day when you cross paths with a complete stranger on the street and they treat you like garbage. You can't hold back the awfulness because it is so straightforward. You need to respond and let this person know what you think.

3. Scorpio

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Taurus is the most change-averse sign. When their grounded, earth-sign energy meets something out of the ordinary, their anxieties can compel them to second-guess themselves.

5 Taurus