The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On October 24, 2022

This last week of October brings with it a chill in the air and a distinct need to cuddle.This day is one of the lucky ones where love is concerned, and what we do today with our loved one could set up a lifetime of good feelings we merely have to say the right thing today, or else.

Good thing to know is that the 'right thing' is obvious and able to be talked about and today is here to bring us some of that good ol' down-to-earth conversation.
We are days away from an eclipse in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

And today, what we are working with is the Moon conjunct with Mercury, which should be very helpful to us as we graze past a few less-than-helpful transits, such as a Moon trine Mars, or Moon square Pluto.

How this is going to parlay in real life is in the way we are conscious of the bad stuff, while being able to push it aside to make way for the good stuff. In other words, we're completely aware that life isn't a bowl of cherries, but we certainly don't have to dwell on that forever.

Moon's conjunction with Mercury helps us steer ourselves to higher ground. On this day, we readily admit that our relationships are perfect, but so what? We'll deal.

We are strong and we are determined to get past whatever obstacles may stand in our way. Nothing seems impossible, and on this day, October 24, 2022, we look at problems as challenges that are already solved.

The three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on October 24, 2022:

You might be feeling like it's time to get out of your head and into some action, this week, Cancer, as you feel you've spent enough time 'figuring things out', and now, you just want to see your brain work turn into reality.


You love a good conversation; especially one that ends up with you and your romantic partner exploring new territories when it comes to intimacy and the expression of physical love.


Because there might be a new person in your life, you'll want to pay a lot of attention to them on this day, as Moon's conjunction with Mercury supplies you with the right words to say. Communication is big on this day, so if you want to impress this new person, then you have the floor, as they say.


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