The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On November 19, 2022

Today is a good day for love luck because the Libra Moon is in a sextile to Venus, which means that everyone had a good time. This transit is good for people in relationships who have been looking for a "kick" out of life but haven't found it yet.

Today, November 19, has a lot of chances for new things and fun. Today isn't a hard day full of problems or fights. Instead, it's a day for laughter, feeling light, and talking easily with your partner.

Libra adds a gentle air to the day, while Venus directs that gentleness towards love and beauty. We can expect to feel good on this day; unruffled by dramatic events. We turn our backs on the confusion and anger and give ourselves over to the sweet peace that comes with trust, companionship, and the feeling of security.

So, according to astrology, today brings feelings of calm and balance to certain zodiac signs. This is especially helpful for couples who have recently been through hard times or personal growth. Togetherness, silence, smiling, and trusting embraces are the keys to today's success. It's good that you know your person and they know you. Treasure it.

You are one of those check-in every five minutes people, meaning that, if you're not in the presence of the one you love, you're on the phone video chatting or texting them to see 'what's up.' Today brings you the same, but where the rest of the world feels that your kind of behavior is excessive and ridiculous, you love every single second of it and will not ever give up this feeling.

 1. Taurus

Face it, Virgo: if someone loves you, they have to love you for all of you, and you're not always the easiest person to get along with. Still, the person who loves you loves you to the Moon and back, and when the Libra Moon is in a sextile to Venus, you will feel so at ease with them that everything in the world will feel right.

 2. Virgo

You get something you want today, and it just so happens that you've wanted this for what feels like forever. And guess how this awesome gift is going to come to you? Bingo! The person you are in love with is about to give you a gift and being that you are very, very specific in the things that you like, you will be surprised that your person is so on point; it's as if they know you inside and out.

 3. Aquarius

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