Read Your Daily Horoscope: Tuesday, 11 October 2022


You could find yourself on the receiving end for some good advice. You`ll benefit from a family member who`s been there, done that.


Thoughts tend to be on distant places. It`s possible a trip (school reunion?) is in the planning stages. Keep in touch with former chums.


Don`t go too far out on a limb with either your own or a partner`s funds. Expectations could exceed reality. You`re in a chipper mood today.


Juggling domestic and career obligations isn`t easy, bit it is necessary. Don`t be damaging; sensitive feelings could get stepped on.


Try not to be impatient when delays slow your progress, as they might today. It`s best to remain cheerful in the face of a slowdown.


It's possible you're not feeling your best. Including breaks in your daily work schedule will be beneficial.the surface of its surrounding potting mix.


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Don`t be envious of another`s good fortune. You make your own luck, after all. If you want something badly enough you should be able to find a way to get it.

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