No. 1 Reason Women Ignore Red Flags

Now is the time for some tough love. We're sorry to break it to you, but you may have a habit of ignoring red flags – or have in the past. 

n fact, those who tend to ignore red flags do so with good intentions, hoping to keep a positive outlook on their dating partner (via Psychology Today).

With that simple question, there's a lot to unpack. Fortunately, The List spoke with world-renowned psychotherapist Hilary Silver to get the inside scoop on this hot topic

If you ignore red flags, you may have trouble trusting your instincts.

Your emotions are your greatest source of wisdom about who you are; your emotional world tells you everything you need to know

we are taught and trained to have a negative relationship with our feelings, frequently hearing destructive phrases. As a result, you may become afraid of your feelings and emotions and begin to block them out. What happens if you do so?

If you ignore your truth, you will have anxiety every time. As a result, you may begin to doubt yourself or your own decisions, and you may begin to dismiss your gut feelings about a potential partner. 

Even if you suspect your partner is cheating or being unfaithful, you begin to suppress your emotions and make excuses.

Your mind, according to Silver, wants what it wants: the relationship. You don't want to be rejected or feel isolated

you don't want to listen because the truth means you'll have to move on, and you're faced with a difficult decision

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