How to Know He's Not Interested

Yes, every man is different and every situation is unique. Let's say "he's not interested" means he doesn't want to date you.

It's painful and awkward when a man rejects you. It's worse to ignore or rationalise his behaviour, wasting time and self-esteem. Avoid rejection by noticing these cues.

You’re the Only One Who’s Proactive

he's doing you a favour by being there, he doesn't care. You make plans, but he's more flexible. You might never hear from him if you stop trying.

He’s Not Interested In Talking

His thoughtful texts and conversations have been reduced to monosyllabic responses, and phone conversations have been cut short. 

Zero Jealousy

Men naturally compete. Jealousy is natural, but you don't want a possessive man. If you talk about other men, mention your ex, or another man flirts with you, he's lost interest.

If He Doesn’t Listen to You… He’s Not Interested

Conversations are centred on him. He doesn't inquire about your personal life. When you do speak, he shows no interest or listens at all. 

He Feels Like a Stranger

He doesn't share much personal information, doesn't open up, and you haven't been able to emotionally connect with him. 

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