How The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Affects Your Relationships

Someone with a lot of self-confidence and a strong sense of independence is shown by the New Moon. They are at ease with their feelings and aren't afraid to try new things. During a New Moon, we all get a fresh start and can dream big and go after what we want.

1. New Moon compatibility

The second part of the moon's cycle is called "Waxing Crescent." People who were born during this time know the value of hard work because sometimes it's hard to get what they want. They are much more patient than people who were born during a New Moon. They want to keep going and not give up.

2. Waxing Crescent compatibility

The hard work and effort of the first two phases are shown in the first quarter. People born during this phase understand how important it is to make new plans for growth and change. They spend a lot of time making and weaving their plans.

3. First Quarter compatibility

Waxing Gibbous are people who like to do things right and never make mistakes. They don't want to do something over or fail. The people who live there know how to give their all to something they care about. Their desire to be perfect makes them doubt themselves sometimes, but they know what they are capable of.

4. Waxing Gibbous compatibility

Full Moon shows someone who tries to keep their life in balance. These are people who want to learn more about themselves and who they are. They don't worry about changes, moving on from bad situations, or closing chapters.

5. Full Moon compatibility

People who were born when the Waning Gibbous was in the sky are brave and very determined. They know a lot and want to share what they've learned with other people. Many people will admire their determination to succeed no matter what.

6. Waning Gibbous compatibility

Third Quarter shows that the natives don't mind making mistakes or changing their minds. They want to make an impression, and if that means starting over, they are not afraid to do what it takes to live and be comfortable with the most honest version of themselves.

7. Third Quarter compatibility

The last part of the cycle is the Waning Crescent. Native people who were born during this time can be secretive and try to heal and get past problems in their lives. Since they are born right before the New Moon, they may also be used to finding strength within themselves instead of depending on others as they continue to grow.

8. Waning Crescent compatibility

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