Everything You Need To Know About Fire Signs

Aries is the very first sign in the entire zodiac. March 21 through April 20 are the birth dates for Aries. Aries are thought of as impulsive beings who are prepared to dive into new situations headfirst because Aries is the sign of the horoscope that comes first in line before all other signs. 

 Aries Is A Fire Sign

Leos are purportedly the most sociable and likeable zodiac signs of all. They belong to the same sign family as Aries, the fire sign. Between July 23 and August 22, Leos are born. These people have a lot going for them, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. 

 Leo Is A Fire Sign

Sagittarius is the third and last fire sign in the zodiac. This group includes people who were born between November 23 and December 21. According to Co—star Astrology, Sagittarians have a propensity to make decisions based solely on emotion. If they are experiencing strong emotions, they might just follow those feelings. This isn't always a good thing, though!

Sagittarius Is A Fire Sign

Fire signs exhibit the same passion that fire flames do when burning in a fireplace or around a campfire. A fire can quickly spread and enlarge at a faster rate the moment its flames contact a curtain corner or rug edge. Inner passion grows and spreads similarly for fire signs. For instance, a fire sign's growing feelings for another person can almost be violent when they are passionately in love with them.

Fire Signs Are Known For Being Passionate

Without some healthy competition, what good is life? You might be interacting with a fire sign if you've ever met someone who takes competition more seriously than the average person. These are the people who despise losing at card games or casual games of pool at a dive bar. Due to their reputation for being naturally competitive, fire signs frequently join sports teams, whether they are competitive or recreational.

Fire Signs Are Known For Being Competitive

Being creative comes naturally to fire signs because they are passionate and intense. Art forms like painting, dance, and writing can serve as creative outlets for fire signs. Ask them if they are a fire sign the next time you run into someone who regularly performs in plays or instructs choreography because chances are they are. Ask them about their element the next time you come across someone who relies on writing articles for newspapers or magazines as their main source of income. You've probably come across a fire sign.

Fire Signs Are Known For Being Creative

You probably have a fire sign on your hands if the person you're spending time with seems to enjoy modifying plans at the last minute and is always open to trying new things. Changing locations the day before an event? That is what a fire sign would indicate. A flight for an arbitrary weekend getaway is booked hours before departure? Exactly for that purpose are fire signs used. 

Fire Signs Are Known For Being Spontaneous

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