Everything you know about cheating is wrong

According to a recent Gallup poll, the average American considers having an affair to be more morally corrupt than both human cloning and the death penalty.

Cheating is more common than you think

You might prefer to believe that cheating is a rare and exceptional occurrence. It could, however, be extremely common.

Cheaters may not know how to sustain relationships

You may wish to believe that cheating is a rare and exceptional occurrence. However, it may be surprisingly common.

They can’t always help themselves

Think again. They may be addicted to the excitement. Open University discovered through an anonymous survey that online affairs, in particular, can be addictive. 

Plus, it could be rooted in their childhood

To fully comprehend why people choose to cheat, we may need to examine their childhoods. "How sexuality is treated within the family is also a factor," explains Lamb. 

Cheaters don’t always want to end the relationship

It is reasonable to assume that a person who is having an affair and risking everything wants to end their primary relationship. 

They might simply want some extra attention

A portion of ourselves becomes dormant, and then, when we meet someone at the office or elsewhere, an entirely new horizon opens up"

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