Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For October

When two people start a life together, it can be both exciting and stressful.Every day, you'll want to keep the lines of communication open. Be open and transparent when discussing issues. Listen intently and commit to working on things so that they improve a little bit every day.


With all the Scorpio energy present you are already seeing changes and good things happening in your love life, but this week you also get a dose of career focus thrown in too. The First Quarter Moon in Aquarius brings some good surprises to your work zone.


Aquarius energy truly rules all aspects of luck in your life. This week, as the First Quarter Moon occurs here, you will receive some unexpected news that will help you rededicate yourself to what you have felt driven to pursue.


You already have been learning that the more you express your own truth, the more the universe can work in your favor. This week as a collection of planets gather in Scorpio, the zodiac sign that represents this theme in your life, you will get a lucky boost.


While both Saturn turning direct last week and the First Quarter Moon occurring in Aquarius this week are paying attention to your romantic relationships, all that Scorpio energy is making you reflect more deeply on your home atmosphere.


Health matters are always of the greatest importance to you. Sometimes you can look at them from a more rigid perspective, even limiting yourself in what you think is healthy versus unhealthy.


Your health is always of the utmost importance to you. Sometimes you can look at them from a more rigid standpoint, even limiting what you consider healthy versus unhealthy.


With the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign and the gathering of planets in your sign, you are experiencing a lot of action and development in your life. It's most likely related to your own sense of self; you're healing, and your perspective on the world has shifted.


Being able to communicate effectively is what allows you to live the life you truly want. Saturn recently went direct in Aquarius, which is the energy that rules all communication themes for you; now, as the First Quarter Moon occurs here, you will receive some unexpected news.


The universe has been guiding you to look to the people in your life to see the value that they bring and not just your career. While your relationship has been an area that you have been asked to reflect on recently, this week it centers more around your circle of friends and family.


With so much Scorpio energy coming in, your career will receive a huge lucky boost. You probably saw something peak in this area of your life last week during the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and now that Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus are opposing each other, it's time for some exciting changes to occur.


Luck is those moments or opportunities which happen unexpectedly and create better-than-imagined results. For you, all of this Scorpio energy is centered in the part of your life that governs luck.


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