Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For October 24 - October 30, 2022

Healing may not seem like a lucky opportunity but when you think of the positive ways it affects your life, then you will begin to understand why it is.How you see life depends on what perspective you are using and whether it is one of wounding versus healing.


Mercury is currently in Libra activating the part of your life that governs your health while it squares off with Pluto in Capricorn, ruler of luck for you.This is a wake-up call of sorts that will motivate you to refocus on your health and how you feel is your greatest asset.


Mars is a planet of determination and passion. It governs action and the decisions and choices that you make for your life. Oftentimes retrograde periods are not thought of to be lucky but for you right now it is as if you will be able to slow down long enough so you do not make a mistake you will regret.


Pisces rules the part of your life that is all about luck, prosperity, and good things. This week as Jupiter retrograde returns to this water sign, you should see an influx of positive developments.


Chiron is the planet known as the wounded healer; in Aries, it hits upon lucky themes within your life while the North Node in Taurus activates topics related to your career.You may have struggled to understand the value of money or even yourself recently. This energy lets you make sure that you are advocating for what it is that you are worth so that you can reap all the benefits that are in store for you.


While Chiron in Aries and the North Node in Taurus are creating waves of positive energy for many this week, for you it will activate lucky opportunities and transformation.These two themes are important because it seems that you’ve known there was a momentous change to make for some time, but you have held back out of fear. 


Mars is currently in Gemini and about to begin its retrograde phase this week. Gemini energy rules your lucky opportunities and gifts from the universe which means that some incredible gifts are on their way to you.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse this week is occurring within your own zodiac sign meaning that it is going to bring a plethora of good things your way. Eclipses are lucky times that allow you to make faster progress and manifest your dreams at a higher rate.


Everything moves in certain seasons. Right now, the season that you are in has you focusing on your love life, your home, and even your family or children in your life. This is the part of your life that actually hosts the greatest abundance for you even if at times you have gotten sidetracked by finances or big adventures.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights the benefits of your circle of friends or those who surround you willing and able to support you. Do not become so fixated on the bottom line that you forget that it is actually people that make everything worthwhile not external success.


Chiron in Aries is holding reign over your sense of communication while the North Node in Taurus highlights your home and family environment. This is an amazing time for some important conversations, healing energy, and generally things just going more smoothly than they have been.


Scorpio energy is one that you work well with, not just because it is a fellow water sign but because it also rules all matters of luck in your life. With Venus and Sun here alongside the New Moon Solar Eclipse, this week is set to be a truly lucky one indeed.


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