Do Dogs Actually Watch TV?

The answer is largely affirmative. Cherice Roth, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer of the pet health care company Fuzzy, confirms that your dog's alleged TV-watching habits are genuine. 

 In addition, depending on the volume, they will also react to sounds on the television, especially anything that sounds like their favourite squeaky dog toy, and may be just as fixated on that as they are on the action on screen.

Does the fact that dogs can watch television imply that they should? Myos Pet's veterinary advisor, Dr. Albert Ahn, provides a qualified affirmative response.

Is it acceptable for dogs to watch television?

However, Dr. Ahn cautions against substituting television for real owner-pet interaction. "Dogs are social animals," he explains, "and they require daily interaction with their owners as well as adequate exercise.

Dr. Roth identifies an additional potential concern: certain commercials and programming may emit sounds that are distressing to dogs. Explosions, gunshots, sirens, and crying are typically the most disturbing sounds for dogs

Humans have a distinct advantage over dogs when it comes to watching television, primarily because we can see colour, whereas dogs see only a limited colour spectrum (though they do see in the dark better than we do).

What does TV look like to dogs?

Dr. Ahn explains that it is difficult to describe exactly how television appears to a dog. "However, it is generally believed that, due to the composition of the cones in the retina, dogs can only see two colours, namely blue and yellow."

Because, like dogs, we all have different tastes and interests; however, the dogs' interest in television may be related to their breed. According to Dr. Roth, this is primarily a function of attention span and personality. 

Why do some dogs view television while others do not?

It depends, according to our veterinary experts. When you're away from home, television can be an effective way to keep your dog occupied and prevent them from becoming bored or mischievous, as well as reduce separation anxiety.

Should you leave the television on for your dog while you are away?

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