Did You Know Your Zodiac Sign Belongs To A Family Of Signs?

Fire is the zodiac's first element group, kicking off the astrological calendar with a bang, representing the creation of new life, destruction, the shining of light, and bravery. AstroTwins, identical twins and professional astrologers, regard these signs as bold initiators, passionate, and even temperamental.

The Fire And Air Signs

This includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, which all represent boldness, confidence, and an unbridled fearless spirit. However, due to their fiery nature, they can easily experience burnout, impulsiveness, and hotheadedness if they are not careful. Fire is also a manifestation of yang energy, which gives them a more active or outward-facing energy, similar to air signs, which are also manifestations of yang energy (via AstroStyle).

The air elemental is distinguished by its communicative nature, social interaction requirement, and intellectual stamina (via Café Astrology). Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are among these signs, and they all have the distinct ability to be great conversationalists and creative generators because they operate from a place of mental stimulation.

However, as social as these signs can be, they can also be aloof or detached due to their constant need to experience new ideas, perceptions, and personalities. They can appear in your life and then vanish just as quickly. Their motto is "gone like the wind."

According to Astrology Library, the ying side of the zodiac represents signs that are more internal, feminine, and cautious in nature. Earth signs, in particular, are associated with stability, foundational success, and practicality. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are among the signs that are equally grounded, dependable, and responsible proactive. 

The Earth And Water Signs

All earth signs are driven to seek or create economic resources, to provide stability, and to adhere to steadfast principles or organisations. Without them, we would be limitless, adrift, and devoid of structure. When these signs are out of balance, they can become stubborn, unimaginative, and closed-minded.

Water represents their sister signs, which are also grouped under the ying energy. These signs are deeply intuitive, according to astrologer Kyle Thomas of the New York Post, because they pick up on and carry energy. They manifest as the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, which all share the ability to be deeply emotional, empathetic, creative, and imaginative.

Furthermore, water as an energy has a fluidity that travels deep into unknown spaces, endowing these signs with psychic awareness and acute perceptiveness. However, when out of balance, there is a tendency to manipulate, take things personally, or become easily influenced and depressed. Nonetheless, they are the zodiac's gentle healers, and we can thank them for the lengths they will go to help others.

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