The 2022 Color You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, rust is the perfect colour for you! It will arouse your inspiration and propel you toward greatness (which if we are being real is a goal always on your vision board). This colour will assist you in manifesting your dreams by aligning your spirit and visions.



You will need to wear a color that ignites and embraces your indulgent energy — particularly your innate sensual desires. Sporting Raspberry Sorbet will keep the passion alive in and out of the boudoir. It'll even inspire you to try a few new things out, if you dare! Wink, wink!


Raspberry Sorbet

Communication is key for you, but sometimes finding the right words to express yourself can be hard. All the more reason for you to wear Illuminating Yellow. Adding this color to your staple clothes will help you say, write, and process information better. Also, it'll keep you away from gossip.


 Illuminating Yellow

 It will help you understand your emotions on a deeper level and expand your sentimental heart by showering love on those you care about.


French Blue

Fortuna Gold will help you embrace your regalness while also boosting your confidence (more so than ever before). More importantly, it will make you feel divine and content in general. 


Fortuna Gold

Analytical by nature, you must wear a colour that does not stimulate your mind and serves as a base shade for all of your other fashionable choices. It will help you reduce stress and see things clearly without the distractions of vibrant colour.


 Set Sail Champagne

You want people to get along, so much so that you'll update your clothes to do so. This tone will motivate you to use your pos vibes effectively by bringing the collective together.


Burnt Coral

Face it, Scorpio, you are a fiery personality. Your presence and energy can captivate everyone in your sphere, which is why you will need to up the ante this year and double your power by wearing Oxblood Red to demonstrate your inner strength and vigour to the world.


Oxblood Red

You dislike change and prefer stability and security over anything else. Ultimate Grey is a colour that is associated with dependability and dependability. And, in this ever-changing world, it's the colour you need to add to your vibe to feel grounded.


Ultimate Grey

This soothing colour will transport you to the most tranquil of locations: the sea. Tidewater Green will soothe and heal your watery sentiments and emotional temperaments by incorporating it into your wardrobe


Tidewater Green

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