Best Dog Breeds for All 12 Horoscope Signs

An ambitious, independent, and fiercely competitive Aries is best suited to a playful dog, such as a labrador retriever.

Aries: Labrador Retriever

As one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, a Taurean needs a dog who’ll return their devotion. The affectionate, protective boxer is the perfect match — and its loyalty extends to the whole family. 

Taurus: Boxer

Curious and dynamic, a Gemini needs a dog that mirrors their emotional intelligence. The border collie checks all the boxes: affectionate, smart and energetic. 

Gemini: Border Collie

Cancers demand the utmost devotion and commitment from their romantic partners and expect the same from their pets. The greyhound will never let them down. 

Cancer: Greyhound

Leo is known for being one of the most courageous signs of the zodiac and needs a dog to be equally brave and bold. The massive, muscular mastiff will go to any lengths necessary to protect its family, but this powerful, giant-breed dog is also naturally docile and dignified. 

Leo: Mastiff

A hardworking Virgo needs a hardworking dog, and you won’t find a more dedicated breed than the Siberian husky. It was bred as a sled dog to pull loads over frozen ground, so it’s likely to make light of any work a Virgo owner asks.

 Virgo: Siberian Husky

The Shih Tzu, or “Lion Dog,” was developed by Imperial breeders in the palace of the Chinese Emperor. That means it is sweet and affectionate — and guaranteed to treat its owner like royalty. 

Libra: Shih Tzu

A strong person needs a strong dog, and the American Staffordshire Terrier is an ideal match for brave, passionate Scorpio. There’s no doubt that a well-socialized, trained AmStaff will be the most loyal friend for a Scorpio. 

    Scorpio: American Staffordshire Terrier

The Dachshund’s outgoing personality makes it a good match for the typically extroverted Sagittarian. It may not be built for distance sports, but it’s game for pretty much everything else. 

Sagittarius: Dachshund

Forget flighty mischief makers for the responsible Capricorn dog owner. Only a dependable pup will do. The Shiba Inu, an ancient Japanese breed, is the perfect choice: attentive, adaptable and good-natured. 

Capricorn: Shiba Inu

Don’t let the poodle’s fluffy exterior fool you. This is one smart dog. It’s also happy and relaxed, making it one of the best breeds to coax a shy Aquarius out of their shell. 

Aquarius: Poodle

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