Bad Home Habits That Make Your House Dirtier

Curb these harmful household habits for good

Some domestic behaviours could be dangerous to our health, especially with the present epidemic.

Leaving pet bowls to linger

Our pets aren't the cleanest eaters. Food particles on their dishes can breed bacteria that can infect your pets.

Forgetting to clean stove knobs

Food is often splashed on and handled between preparations, harbouring pathogens. Remove knobs and wash in hot soapy water to clean.

Only using one chopping board for food prep

A healthy dinner frequently includes veggies, fish, and meat. If you just use one chopping board, raw food bacteria could contaminate other foods. 

Using a sponge for way too long

Microbiologists say that the average kitchen sponge hosts more bacteria than any other object in most homes.

Wearing shoes indoors

At some point in our lives, we've all heard our parents tell us to take our shoes off at the front door – and with good reason. 

Not wiping door handles

When we clean, we often overlook door handles. Daily use and family contact can transfer hazardous microorganisms from one person to another.

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