According to Zodiac Signs, This is what kind of a Bride you'll be!

Handling emotions ain’t a problem for an Aries woman. She is strong-willed and knows how to control her emotions. But when it comes to glam and glitz, women of this sign prefer being casual and natural. And for the same reason, the heavy ensemble, dazzling jewellery and all-out makeup can make an Aries woman can go all nervous at the wedding. 

ARIES - Am I looking fine?

A Taurus woman would rather be a guest at a wedding than being the bride herself, simply for the sake of fun. But being a fun freak that you are, you will leave the guests amazed with your chill attitude.

TAURUS - The Bridechilla

Gemini women are bundled with creativity and want their wedding to look like straight outta their Pinterest boards. On the D-day too, a Gemini woman is not gonna compromise on even a tiny detail. Being a Gemini bride, don’t be surprised if you find yourself making calls to various vendors to get things done the right way.

GEMINI- Particular about the last minute details!

Keeping in mind your heightened sensitivity and emotional quotient, you are going be the weepiest of all brides.

CANCER - The Cry Babies

For the love of being in the spotlight, you will ensure all the eyes are hooked on you. You will be concerned about nothing but yourself on the D-day. Also, cuz bossy-ness runs in your veins, your bridesmaids might have a tough time pleasing you.

LEO - The Boss Bride

Congrats Virgo girls, you emerge as a perfectionist here as well! You will be a super-organized bride who will be all calm and sane throughout the wedding revelries. You will be high on emotions but will also be gleefully smiling throughout.

VIRGO - The Perfect Bride

You had waited for this day from years, and the glow on your face will be real. Being a passionate lover, you will be a bride who won’t shy away from indulging in PDA. You will ensure you have a whimsical and fairytale-like wedding straight out from your dreams.

LIBRA - The Hopeless Romantic

Known to have a thing for sophistication, Scorpion brides are an epitome of grace and class. You are not the one who will be dancing like maniacs at her wedding. You will be a poised, decent and a gorgeous bride. But wait, amid this all, you will also develop a heavy heart that will explode with an emotional outburst.

SCORPIO - A Classy & Sophisticated Bride

Sagittarians are well known for their high energy levels and the brides of this sun sign can’t stop jumping with joy all through their wedding ceremonies. Being a free-spirited soul that you are, you will be the most excited bride your guests would have ever seen.

SAGITTARIUS - Super Excited

Only good food can keep you sane! And you would probably be trying to keep calm by binging a large thin crust pizza all by yourself on your wedding. 

CAPRICORN - The Food Binger

It is the biggest day of your life and you would make the most of it by dancing your heart out. You won’t leave a stone unturned to enjoy the most special day of your life.

AQUARIUS - The Dancing Diva

All your life you have been labeled as the most emotional person by your friends, colleagues and even your family members. So how can you stay behind on your life-changing day! You will throw quivering smiles for the photographs, but your moist eyes will depict the real state of your heart. *Keep the tissues handy, girl*

PISCES - Too High on Emotions

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