9 wise tips to help you choose the right life partner

The days when you met your husband after you got married are long gone. Use this time to get to know your partner as well as possible. 

2. Decode the behaviour

The core of a person never changes. You should pay attention to whether he is calm, angry, bossy, dismissive, passionate, chivalrous, and sure of himself or not.

3. Watch the etiquette and basic nature

It is very important to connect well with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. You shouldn't have to push this person to talk to you. 

4. Find a connect

Well, when you choose a life partner, just make sure you're not so different that you can't communicate with each other later on. 

5. Weigh your similarities and dissimilarities

When looking for a perfect life partner, the intelligence quotient is an important thing to think about. And we don't mean that you should look at their grades and work history. 

6. Don't miss the IQ

Marriage unites two families, not two people. Marriage isn't just the honeymoon phase. It's (mostly) lifelong. Consider the person's family and status.

7. Choose a mate with a similar lifestyle.

After all is said and done, you can weigh your options all you want, but if a relationship lacks respect, it's as good as a death trap.

8. Respect is paramount

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