8 Zodiac Placements That Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

Saturn is in charge of the relationship part of Leo Rising's life. Saturn is the Lord of Time and Karma, which means that this planet is often a place where many karmic lessons are learned. Many of these lessons for a Leo rising have to do with having control in a relationship, judging a person by how they look instead of how they are, and making decisions on the spot.

  1. Leo Rising 

You are the zodiac's caretaker and nurturer, but that can make it hard for you to set limits with other people. This could be a sign that you are becoming codependent, which means that your feelings may be directly linked to what your partner is feeling. If they aren't happy, neither will you be.

  2. Cancer Rising 

In astrology, the seventh house is in charge of relationships that last for a long time. If Saturn is in this house, it means that you will learn more about love than most people. There may be so many partners that it seems like you're always dating the same person or that nothing you do seems to make things better.

  3. Saturn in the 7th house  

This is one of the hardest parts of astrology because it puts a lot of weight on happiness and love. In the beginning, these can be found in relationships instead of within yourself. Because of this, you can feel lonely, alone, and sad because it seems like everyone else has what you want so badly.

 4.Saturn square Venus 

These two planets are at odds with each other. Saturn is about limits and being alone, while Venus is about happiness and love. Because it seems like love is hard to find, being alone can seem better. You might even try to convince yourself that you don't want a relationship.

  5. Saturn opposite Venus 

Virgo is an earth sign, which is symbolised by the goddess of the earth. It is known as a very fertile sign that stands for healing. Venus in Virgo, on the other hand, can take on some of this sign's more difficult traits, like perfectionism.

6. Venus in Virgo 

Venus loves and wants to give love her all. Gemini, on the other hand, is a sign of duality and can be flighty because it always has more than one idea or plan. Venus in Gemini can find it hard to be faithful or monogamous in relationships because they always have more than one choice.

 7. Venus in Gemini 

The myth about Sagittarius is that they have trouble making commitments, which is not true. But for them, they need the best of both worlds: stability and freedom. This balance of wants can make it hard for this sign to be in a traditional relationship, since they may want to live in separate homes or need to go away for a few weeks a year to find themselves or learn something new.

 8. Venus in Sagittarius  

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