8 Things You Should Never Do at the Dog Park

Anyone with a dog knows that a trip to the dog park can be the best part of the day for your pet. It can be a great way for your dog to meet new people, get some exercise, and get out of the house for some fresh air.

 It can also be fun and relaxing for the owner. But if you're an active member of the dog social scene in your area, there are a few things you'll want to avoid doing.

Dog parks tend to become places where pet owners gather. But sometimes less is more when it comes to making sure that everyone has a fun and safe time.

1 Never visit during peak hours.

A dog and its treat-giver express tremendous joy. Many dog-friendly businesses give customers' pets treats. Experts warn against giving Milk Bones in the dog park.

2 Never feed a strangers' dog treats.

If your neighbourhood dog park contains puddles or a questionable pool, it could be harmful to your pet.

3 Never let your dog near standing water.

Some dogs enjoy to dive, nose or body, into the nearest body of water. That's fine for home or a beach walk. If your dog park contains puddles or a questionable pool, it could be dangerous for your pet.

4 Never bring an unvaccinated puppy.

"Dogs can catch respiratory illnesses and tummy troubles. Even if your dog's illness isn't contagious, he should rest instead than play."

5 Never bring a potentially sick dog to the park.

The dog park may be entertaining for pet parents, too. Even while the environment is usually congenial, situations can turn quickly, requiring your entire attention.

6 Never lose focus on what your dog is doing.

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