8 Signs That Someone May Be Interested in You

1. Staring for a long time. When you look at someone a little longer than usual, it shows that you are interested. Looking into each other's eyes can be exciting, so we usually only do it for a short time. When someone looks at you for a long time, it shows that they like you and want to connect.

2. Body Position: Open. Sitting directly across from the other person, leaning forward with eyes wide open and arms open (not crossed, for example) are signs that a person wants to get closer to them. Some people call these "cues of immediacy."

3. Lip Licking. When someone makes you feel  attracted, your tongue may move more and your lips may get wet more often. This slow lip-licking can be a clear sign that someone is trying to flirt.

4. Finger to the lips/breast brush. Even clearer signs that someone is flirting with you are when they touch themselves, like when they touch or brush their lips or breasts.

5. "Accidental" Touch. Seduction signs include sitting close enough that your legs touch or letting your hand touch or rest on the body of another person.

6. More smiles than usual. Even though we smile a lot when we're around people we like, we tend to smile even more when we're sexually attracted to someone. Also, people who are sexually interested tend to smile more with their mouths wide open.

7. Vigorous Head Nodding in Agreement. If someone agrees with you a lot when you're talking to them, it's a subtle sign that they're interested in you. One of the goals of seduction is to make the interaction as good as possible.

8. Longer looks at the body. On the more obvious end, looking at someone's body for a long time and "sizing them up" is a clear sign of interest.

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