8 questions to ask your date before committing to a relationship

Kids aren’t for everyone. If you want kids and the person you’re dating doesn’t, you’ll end up at an impasse at some point in your relationship.

Do you want kids?

Many couples can make a relationship work in spite of religious differences, but others can’t. Having an honest conversation about someone’s beliefs will help you determine whether what you both think jives.

Are you religious?

Marriage is on the decline, with common-law relationships becoming the norm for many millennials. Some feel the “I do” process is a hassle, while others believe it’s romantic.

What is your view on marriage?

Some like the comfort of remaining in their hometown; others prefer the adventure of moving from coast to coast.

How often do you want to move?

We spend the majority of our time working—whether that’s in a traditional nine-to-five role or as a consultant working odd hours.

Do you like work?

The way someone treats their parents is very often the way they’ll treat you. It’s fact.

Are you close with your parents?

Life is full of ups and downs; it’s what you learn from the bumps in the road that define who you are. This question will help you get to know more about what has shaped your possible mate.

What have you learned from your childhood?

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