8 Easy Ways To Stop Being Bored In Your Marriage

A common issue in long-term marriages is that things become monotonous over time. After you've raised the children and gotten them out of the house, you may find yourself staring at each other, unsure of what to do next. You've officially outgrown your marriage.

1. Acknowledge your boredom

Talk to your spouse and acknowledge the state of your marriage. It is better if both of you agree that your marriage is, in fact, boring. It's more difficult (although not impossible) to turn things around if only one of you believes this. 

2. Commit to changing things

A simple admission that you are bored in your marriage will have no effect. It will take effort from at least one of you to breathe new life into your relationship.

4. Identify and reinvent old routines

One reason things can become monotonous is that we tend to repeat ourselves month after month and year after year. Determine which patterns and routines in your practise keep you apart, shut you out, or simply no longer have much meaning for you. Replace old routines with new ideas and methods of doing things.

5. Step out of your comfort zones

Boredom has been brought on by your and your spouse's current patterns of thinking and behaviour over the years. To effect genuine change, you must both step outside of your comfort zones and try something new. In fact, your past resistance to doing so may be one of the reasons you're currently bored in your marriage.

6. Try new things together. 

If you truly want to get out of boredom and improve your marriage, you must make a list of new things to do together. This could include new activities, places to visit, movies to watch, and ideas that are outside of your previous thought patterns.

7. Put it on the calendar

Choose something and schedule time to complete it. Choose another item from the list and add it to your calendar as well. Plan this calendar several months in advance so that other obligations do not interfere with your goal of improving your marriage.

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