7 Hidden Signs Someone Is Really Insecure

Most of us recognise insecurity's classic signs. Insecure people constantly need external validation, hide behind makeup, and have fearful body language.

Here are 7 hidden signs someone is really insecure:

They crave others, are frequently concerned about whether or not their partner loves them back, and panic if you don't text them back within 5 minutes.

1. Anxiety

To be fair, it's a very human tendency, but clinging to things is also the source of almost all of our problems, from frustrations to anxiety, anger to sadness, grief to worry.

2. Fake Love

Life is full of flaws. Everything is transient. Your quest for "perfectionism" is nothing more than procrastination, insecurity, and illogical standards that do not exist.

3. Perfectionism

I used to own a women's clothing company, and if there's one thing I learned about women and their body image.

4. Imperfection

Look, this is pointless and will only lead to disappointment. Because there is no universe in which everyone likes everyone else. 

5. People-pleasing

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