5 Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Attracted to You

Putting yourself out there is difficult. When we admit our feelings for another person, we expose ourselves to the possibility of rejection, which is one of life's most dreaded experiences. 

That's why, even if we don't realise it, we often take a less direct approach when we're into someone instead of being direct.

1 They examine various parts of your face.

The way someone looks at you can reveal their level of interest. Kim Chronister, PsyD, a licenced clinical psychologist in Beverly Hills, California, stated in a TikTok video that "one major sign that someone is attracted to you" is when their eyes scan all over your face.

Body language, according to therapists and other relationship experts, can easily give you away when you're talking to someone you're interested in

2 They reduce the distance between you.

You can tell if someone is attracted to you by how close they get to you. According to Jess O'Reilly, PhD, a sexologist and relationship expert who works with Astroglide, most people close the space between themselves and another person when attraction is present.

3 They give you a friendly smile.

People fake a smile for a variety of reasons, including being polite or feeling uncomfortable.

They initiate physical contact.

According to sociologist and clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, PhD, even casual touch is a sure sign that someone is interested in you

5 They appear more nervous in your presence.

According to Amelia Prinn, a relationship expert with HerWay.net, someone who is attracted to you may exhibit nervous behaviour patterns such as blushing whenever they are near you, tripping over their words, and sweating their palms.

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