10 Least Popular Animals Whose Names Start with The Letter P

They may not be as popular as their cousins, but these animals whose names start with the letter P are simply awesome in their own right.

In addition to pigs, penguins, pandas, pigeons, pelicans, pumas, panthers, and pugs, the animal kingdom has a variety of other awesome P-named animals. Here is a list of the letter P animals that I believe are least well-known.


Puffins are penguin-like seabirds found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. All three extant species have large beaks, short wings and tails, wide webbed feet, and black and white plumage.


Pademelons live in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Most species have dark-brown upperparts and red-brown underparts. Short tail, legs.


The Ptarmigan is a small, chicken-like bird that lives all year in the Arctic, primarily in tundra regions. It has a bulky body, white wings that are rounded, feathered feet, and short tails. 

Proboscis Monkey

On the island of Borneo, Malaysia, there are many reddish-brown monkey species, including the proboscis monkey and long-nosed monkey. It lives in mangrove forests, swamps, and along riverbanks. 


Peccary, also known as Javelina, is a medium-sized mammal that lives throughout the southwestern United States, South and Central America, and is reminiscent of a wild pig. 


Any Ochotonidae member, known for its rounded ears, short limbs, and short tail, is referred to as a pika. North America and central Asia are the native home of this diminutive animal from a cold climate.

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