10 Dog Breeds Nutrition Facts That Will Surprise You

1. Labradors are playful dogs who need lots of love and attention but also give it to their owners. It can be challenging to provide labs with the necessary nutritional value because they are picky eaters.

2. St. Bernards are gorgeous dogs with a reputation for being canine heroes, but they are also very big dogs that prefer to live in cold climates. It goes without saying that their dietary needs are rigorous.

3. Miniature Schnauzers are on the smaller side of the breed spectrum and as might be expected require less food than the average medium-sized dog.

4. A pit bull is a unique kind of dog with unique nutritional needs. One important part of the pit bull’s diet is meat. They will eat a number of other ingredients, but animal protein is a key component of a pit bull’s healthy diet.

5. Huskies may be a medium-sized breed, but feeding them in the same way as any other medium-sized dog is a no-no. Huskies require small amounts of high quality and high nutrient foods. Overfeeding them is detrimental to their health.

6. Dobermans are large dogs with large appetites. They enjoy a diet high in protein, but beef-based products should not be fed to these dogs as it is hard on their digestive systems.

7. A French bulldog can eat meat, although some bulldogs may have meat allergies to watch out for. Salmon and other types of fish may be an ideal substitute. Just like many people, some French bulldogs have allergies to gluten, and oats may be a better option for a healthy bulldog diet.

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