10 animals who make more money than you

Grumpy Cat, one of the internet's most enduring memes, appeared in a Cheerios commercial, on pillows, mugs, and phone cases, and in her own TV movie. It's unclear how much money the curmudgeonly cat made, but she was awarded $700,000 in a federal lawsuit over her likeness. Grumpy Cat, 7, died in 2019.

 Grumpy Cat

Gunther the German shepherd actually inherited his fortune from another dog, his dad Gunther III, who had inherited it from his owner, German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, in 1991. Clever investment, however, reportedly saw that nest egg swell to $400 million, and Gunther IV became so rich that he was even rumored to have bought a house from Madonna.

 Gunther IV

When your owner is one of the most famous faces on the planet, you could be forgiven for resting on your laurels. And yet Taylor Swift’s kitty Olivia Benson has gone out and made her own fortune, starring in ads for brands including Coke and Keds, surely racking up a sizable bank balance.

 Olivia Benson

Tommaso is one lucky cat. Previously owned by Maria Assunta, the wealthy widow of an Italian builder, this cash-rich kitty inherited a staggering fortune of $13 million when his human died in 2011. The kitty, who had been rescued from the streets of Rome when he was younger, now owns a property portfolio that includes several homes and villas in Italy.


Do you want to be depressed? This chicken was undoubtedly wealthier than you will ever be in your life. When Miles Blackwell, the company's owner, passed away in 2002, he left Gigoo the $15 million he had amassed over the course of a successful publishing career.


Recognized by Guinness World Records as one of the richest cats in the world, this fortunate feline inherited $12.5 million in 1988 when his reclusive millionaire owner died. Blackie was the last surviving member of 15 cats that Ben Rea was said to have lived with, and so took sole charge of the staggering fortune that was left to him.


Gail Posner, a Miami heiress who passed away in 2010, left her beloved Chihuahua Conchita a $3 million trust fund and a $8.3 million mansion so that she could live out her days in luxury. 


This fluff ball had more Facebook followers (16 million) than either you or I will ever have. The adorable Pomeranian, known as the cutest dog in the world, passed away in 2019, but sponsorships, appearances, and merchandise sales helped him amass $8 million. What a large number of bones!


When American heiress Ella Wendel died in 1931, she set off an eccentric tradition of inheritance that has led to Toby the poodle being one of the richest pets on the planet today. Toby is a descendant of the original Toby, who was left fortune that has been passed from mutt to mutt over the years, reportedly swelling to some $90 million in the process.


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